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vt logo style1We are pleased with your visit to the website of Phalco Vietnam Joint Stock Company, one of the world's leading, oldest and most prominent manufacture of spices. Phalco Vietnam Joint Stock Company process and distributes a wide range of spices like cinnamon (cassia), star aniseed, black/white pepper, ginger, turmeric and other agriculture products such as cashew nut, coconut, gum rosin, damabatur, bamboo stick.
We highly appreciate your interest shown in our company, in our activities and in the diverse assortment of ingredients which we supply to the food-industry.

On this site you will find background information about Phalco Vietnam Joint Stock Company and our rich history. Then we inform you about our today's operations, whereby reliability, expertise, quality-consciousness and trustworthiness always have been and will be the key elements.

We introduce to you the various trade departments and their activities; last but not least we highlight to you our view on and concern about quality in every respect and in all its aspects.

In the directory products you will find a detailed insight in our wide assortment of food ingredients, with a specified description and additional information about all raw materials and semi-finished produce. This will make your visit to our website even more interesting!

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Phuong Nguyen Hoang - Chairman


Head Office: Room 1007, 10th Floor 17T1 Building, Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Factory 1 Address: To 1, Thon Mieu Tho, X. Tiên Duoc, Soc Son, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Factory 2 Address: Road 13 Loc Thinh, Loc Ninh province, Binh Phuoc, Vietnam

Tel : +842462625612

Fax: +842462815418

Email: info@phalcospices.com


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