Quality and safety are paramount
Quality has always been a top priority at Phalco Vietnam JSC. At in-house and external laboratories we constantly test raw food materials for both safety and quality. The microbiological, physical and chemical properties of our products are all analysed. In addition we implemented HACCP and we pay close attention to allergen control, performing the proper risk analyses.

Because we deal in natural products, quality can differ. That's why we have qualified personnel who conduct comprehensive tests. With precise analyses and specifications at their fingertips, our traders can always buy the desired quality. Separate warehousing and processes like steam sterilisation further improve quality. To assure that the standards and food safety are maintained right across the supply chain, all our products can be located and traced according to our traceability protocol.

Critical sourcing of suppliers and products is also a major concern. We believe in ethical procurement, so in buying produce we take into account local conditions in order to protect the environment and the welfare of inhabitant.


Head Office: Room 1007, 10th Floor 17T1 Building, Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Factory 1 Address: To 1, Thon Mieu Tho, X. Tiên Duoc, Soc Son, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Factory 2 Address: Road 13 Loc Thinh, Loc Ninh province, Binh Phuoc, Vietnam

Tel : +842462625612

Fax: +842462815418

Email: info@phalcospices.com


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